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FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

Health & Fitness

FitNotes is a workout tracker with a focus on simplicity and clean design. Ad Free!
Workout Log- View and navigate daily workout logs quickly by swiping between them- Navigate to a specific day using the inbuilt calendar- Add an exercise to the workout log and record sets of weight and reps or distance and time- Swipe across when recording sets to view your workout history with the exercise- Attach comments/notes to sets- Rest timer with sound and vibration options- Re-order exercises you've added to a workout log (long press an exercise card to initiate 'edit mode' and then press and drag the blue drag icon at the top right of the card)
Exercise Database- Includes a default selection of categories (Chest, Back, Legs, etc)- Each category contains a small default list of exercises- Create custom categories to better suit your training program - e.g. Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics, Ab Training, etc- Add new exercises quickly using 'Save and New' feature- Two exercise types: Resistance and Cardio - Resistance - record training in weight and reps - Cardio - record training in distance and time
Routines- Create a routine to provide quick access to your most commonly used exercises- Assign exercises to a particular day within the routine- Name a day whatever you want (Monday, Chest Day, Workout A, etc)- Select a single exercise from a day within the routine to add it to the training log or hit 'Log All' to add an empty set for each exercise which can then be filled in later- Create as many routines as you want and switch between them using dropdown list- Remembers which routine you selected last
Calendar- Dates on which you have recorded training logs are highlighted- Tap a day in the calendar to display a popup listing the exercises performed on that day- Navigate to a specific day's training log by selecting it in the calendar and hitting 'Go!'- Filter which days are highlighted in the calendar- e.g. Highlight days where I did bench press and lifted more than 80kg for at least 5 reps Highlight days where I ran outdoors and travelled more than 3 miles in less than 20 minutesr
Backup/Restore- Backup your data to device storage or an online cloud service (DropBox or Google Drive - please ensure you have the corresponding apps installed on your device if you would like to backup to one of these services)
Export- Export your training logs in CSV format so they can be analyzed in your spreadsheet application of choice
Permissions- Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: Required in order to be able to backup/export data to your device storage or sd card- Control vibration: Used if you have selected the 'Vibrate' option for the rest timer- Prevent device from sleeping: Required in order to ensure the rest timer continues to count down when the screen is off
If you have any feedback then please email